Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here I Am

Sorry there have been no recent updates. First I broke my laptop by dropping it (safety tip: do not do this), and second I have concentrated free time on preparing a course, Mary and the Church in the Patristic Period, which I am currently delivering at the International Marian Research Institute, University of Dayton. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the research necessary to prepare my lectures. There may be a book in this...

There are seven students in my class: a priest from Africa, a priest from Brazil, a priest from Italy, and American priest living in Canada, two Korean nuns, and a Mexian laywoman. This is the International Marian Research Institute, after all.

Yes, I did buy a new laptop. With the special insurance policy for pinheads that protects you if you pour your coffee into the keyboard. Or drop your laptop.

1 comment:

Fr Jay Scott Newman said...

Yes, yes, you got a new laptop. But did you get a Mac or a big steaming pile of Microsoft?