Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Most Important Meal of the Day

The Hospitality and Inclusion Committee (HIC) of Saint Pathetica Catholic Community (SPCC) recently unveiled new cheerios dispensers in the gathering space of its worship space. "We noticed that many parents were bringing little plastic bags of cheerios for their little ones to munch on during the liturgy," explained chairperson Sheila Smith-Jones. "We noticed all the crumbs that were left behind and it made us think of John 6:12-13," added Permanent Deacon Dave (PDD). Concerned that parents were being forced to provide their own cheerios, thus introducing a division between those who brought cheerios and those who brought none (see 1 Corinthians 11:18-20), the HIC recognized its responsibility to provide restlessness care to all God's children. Hence the cheerios dispenser (see Leviticus 2:1-16).

The dispenser was dedicated last Sunday during the 11:00 liturgy, just before the moment when those children old enough to walk were dismissed for the Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLW) and the RCIA group left to do Breaking Open the Word (BOW). Parish music director Gary Dreamweaver led the Contemporary Choir in his newly-composed song, "The Most Important Meal of All" as Father Bob distributed smoking cereal bowls of incense to several middle-aged ladies, who honored the assembly with the sweet fragrance.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Moller Artiste repairs

First photo: old and new rackboard supports. Second photo: replacement support installed.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

If the Fathers of the Church Were Alive Today, 2: Augustine

Judy and Dr. Augustine with their children, Adeodatus and Tiffany
Hard to believe that I have been blogging at for thirteen years now. If you put together all those blogposts, they add up to the equivalent of thirteen books! That’s one whole book per year! Every one of them a best-seller, just as I said a few years back, “This is what I wish to do through confession in my heart before thee, and in my writings before many witnesses.” 
Just the other day, my wife Judy pointed out that I even before our ministry was so unfairly attacked by Pastor Pelagius, I had already said in my blog, again and again, “Give what thou commandest and command what thou wilt.” One of my brother pastors told me that he was sitting next to Pelagius at a church growth conference in Houston when that post went up, and poor old Pelagius got so upset he threw his Ipad to the floor and jumped up and down on it!
Now what, indeed, does God command, first and foremost, except that we believe in him? This faith, therefore, he himself gives; so that it is well said to him, “Give what thou commandest.” Moreover, in those same blog posts, concerning my account of my conversion when God turned me to that faith I was laying waste through drinking alcoholically, the narration shows that I was given as a gift to the faithful and daily tears of Judy, who had been promised that I should not perish.
I certainly declared there that God by his grace turns men’s wills to the true faith when they are not only averse to it, but actually adverse. As for the other ways in which I sought God’s aid in my growth in perseverance, you either know or can review them as you wish by going to #prevenient grace

Sunday, March 30, 2014

If the Fathers of the Church Were Alive Today, 1: Origen of Alexandria

As a thought experiment I have attempted to imagine what it would like if the Church Fathers and other Ancient Christian Writers were acting and writing in the context of 21st century North American Christianity. I will add installments in the series from time to time as inspiration strikes. 

1. Origen of Alexandria

                                       Pastor Origen and Judy

They were purchased from among mankind and offered as firstfruits to God and the Lamb. No lie was found in their mouths; they are blameless. -Revelations 14:4b-5, NIV

Now I know that you folks want to know what the Bible is telling us about these first fruits. Fruits are the results of our activity. Now our whole activity is devoted to God, and so is our whole life, since we are bent on progress in divine things.
But we don’t want just some of those first fruits  spoken of above which are made up of the many first fruits, we want ALL of those fruits, don’t we? So, if we’re right, in what must our first fruits consist, after the bodily separation we have undergone from each other, but in the study of the Gospel? For we may venture to say that the Gospel is the first fruits of all the Scriptures. So what are those first fruits? That’s right: a Bible Study. Where, then, could be the first fruits of our activity, since the time when Judy and I we came to Alexandria, but in the first fruits of the Scriptures?
It must not he forgotten, however, that the first fruits are not the same as the first growth. That’s why Judy and I started the First Growth Seminars as soon as we came to Alexandria. For the first fruits are offered after all the fruits are ripe, but before you have first fruits, you gotta have first growth. (For more information, visit
Now of the Scriptures which are current and are believed to be divine in all the churches, one would not be wrong in saying that the first growth is the law of Moses, but the first fruits are the Gospel. Am I wrong? Now Judy says that I am wrong about a lot of things, so I have to ask!

For it was after all the fruits of the prophets who prophesied till the Lord Jesus, that the perfect word began to grow and send forth its shoots. Praise Him.