Friday, February 15, 2013

Pope Comments on Council; some loss in translation.

The Pope's spontaneous remarks to the priests of the Diocese of Rome indicate that, despite the ravages of age, his mind is as sharp as ever.
It is regrettable that these important remarks suffered somewhat from a few mistakes in translation that, to my eye at least, suggest a competent but inexperienced translator, as well as an editor who was asleep at the switch.
A few corrections:
"vocations" not "the vocations"
"principles" not " principals of the intelligibility of the Liturgy "
And , especially unfortunate: "Sacredness ended up as profanity"
The pontiff was trying to say that what should have remained sacred (the liturgy) ended up as something profane. He did not mean to say that"liturgy" became a dirty word!

Pope to Rome’s priests: The Second Vatican Council, as I saw it - Radio Vaticana