Friday, June 18, 2010

A State of Mind

A large part of central-north Columbus, Ohio is known as "Clintonville." Clintonville is not a city, a village, or any other kind of incorporated political unit. It's a state of mind. It has no official borders. But you can tell when you are inside it. How? One way is to take a walk through the streets and especially back alleys until you begin to see sights like these, encountered on a recent afternoon walk.a little closer...

and, for the sailing enthusiast:

another angle:

I can confidently predict that this same boat will be here next summer, and the summer after that.

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Katie said...

We used to walk past this house on the way to the store. I always thought it was was pretty cool. Imagine how long that must have taken!

You are right, Clintonville is a state of mind. Someone told me once that they knew I was a Clintonville girl because I wore dangly earrings all the time. That made me laugh. But there's a feel to Clintonville that is unique. It's very urban, yet, has the feel of a more suburban place.