Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Achievable New Year's Resolutions for Catholics

Feel free to add your own. Just keep them achievable.

1. I will make sure that my cell phone is turned off before Mass starts.
2. I will go to confession at least once in the New Year.
3. I will make sure that my cell phone is turned off before I enter a church.
4. I will say the (5-decade) Rosary once during the month of May.
5. I will read one chapter of one of the Gospels during the New Year.
6. I will find out for myself what the Pope really said about (fill in topic of your choice).
7. I will read the section of the owner’s manual of my cell phone that explains how to turn it off. 
8. I will give alms at least once during Lent.
9. If any babies appear in my household or on my doorstep I will have them baptized before they reach the age of reason.
10. If my cell phone rings during Mass I will do something about it instead of just letting it ring.
11.    When receiving Holy Communion I will clearly telegraph my intentions regarding whether I will receive on the tongue or in the hand.

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jackiee said...

One act of kindness to someone in need during the new year.