Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Problem with Politics Today

I have argued that we should do away with presidential primaries and return to smoke-filled rooms and conventions the outcome of which the outcome is not already  determined weeks before the convention opens. However, I had not realized that these sensible proposals, however helpful they may be in themselves, are inadequate. Then I saw this photo and attached caption which clearly illustrate what is missing from our political conventions: a really loud pipe organ. Seated at the controls is a lady who knows how to silence unruly delegates and blowhard orators. Happy Days Are Here Again. Let 'er rip.


Katie O'Keefe said...

All she'd have to do is play the Ophicleide. That puppy's on 100" of wind. It'd stop people in their tracks.

Father Thomas Buffer said...

You can't use that stop unless they give you the launch code.